Victor & Sally Ganz; Their Apartment at 10 Gracie Square

the living room: "Sailor"‐ Picasso (1943), "Battle of the Centaurs"‐ Picasso (1946),
"Winter Landscape"‐ Picasso (1950), "Study for Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"‐ Picasso
(1907), "Woman in an Armchair"‐ Picasso (1913)


the living room: "Still Life with Sausage"‐ Picasso (1941), "Diver"‐ Johns (1963),
"Tennyson"‐ Johns (1967)

the living room: "Dream"‐ Picasso (1932), bought in 1941 for $7000

the living room: "Corpse and Mirror"‐ Johns (1974)

the living room: "The Dream"‐ Picasso (1932), "Souvenir 2"‐ Johns (1964), "Decoy"‐
Johns (1971), "Blind Minotaur Guided by a Little Girl in the Night"‐ Picasso (1934),
"Faun Unveiling a Woman"‐ Picasso (1936).
the dining room beyond: "Turkish Mambo"‐ Stella (1959), "Vinculum I"‐ Hesse


the dining room: "Reclining Nude"‐ Picasso (1942)

the staircase

the landing: "Cock and Knife"‐ Picasso (1947), "The Departure"‐ Picasso (1951),
"Red Interior"‐ Rauschenberg (1954), "Still Life with Hanging Lamp"‐ Picasso

the sitting room

all of Picasso's Variations on Delacroix's "The Women of Algiers" (1955)

Victor in front of "Seated Woman"‐ Picasso (1959)


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