A few last things from Paris & Bordeaux

the crooked door to our apartment
such a nice building
marble disk between knob and door
color scheme
très bizarre
the green boxes at the Tuileries
toungs hold handle
the greatest
I like the urns at the top of the pilasters
the thin leaves!
this blue


Beautiful Metalwork in Paris and Bordeaux

I love these spiky things- they look like seaweed floating in water
such delicate, thinly shaped leaves
So Chinois! Also the coffers on the inside of the frame are very nice
My theory is that these squiggly things are supposed to look like Chinois smoke
the brackets supporting the balcony
garlands in copper draped over the rough rought iron
the fence outside the largest synagogue in Paris
"P" for Pilar
outside of the Opera
Glass encasement for elevator with brass framework holding door in place
elephant and turtle above
I love these cacti so much
nothing like rope motif in metal