Musée Nissim de Commando

63, rue de Monceau, at the edge of the Parc Monceau, VIIIe arrondissement

The house is filled with boiserie and furniture from the 18th Century but was constructed in an eclectic 18th Century style by Comte Moïse de Camondo in 1911. Moïse's daughter was married to the son of Théodore Reinach, who built Villa Kerylos.

forgive the sign
by Bertrand Servenay, perhaps?
gilded tassels
this color
like a cave
incredible proportional hierarchy
wooden ribbon strung through
the oval library above and below
a reprive of symmetry
gilded rope
the way the mirror completes the coffers and rosettes
man can make nature better than God can?
Jib door
the level of articulation between the ribbon and leaves
the ribbon that spirals around the handle is subtle
amazing hierarchy
textures mmmmm
lit dome
jib door again
every juncture is so considered
more rambling cave
gold and grey combination
like leaves dipped in gold
this is what happens in the anti-rooms of a house with extremely irregularly shaped rooms
reserved celebration
jib door with painting hung over seam
this carving of intertwined lattice zig zag and ivy
note the fez on Nissim
Beautifully shaped tile
refined chicken wire
the hanging lamps are so Castaing
I like when french books have white spines
more jib door fun

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