Nancy Lancaster favorites

She was also responsible for P de R's apartment in collaboration with Colefax
and Fowler. Much has been said of her bringing genteel American comfort
to the grand houses of England. Perhaps this "genteel comfort" is the result of
a primitive, albeit appealing, sense of scale and proportion. These rooms, and
especially those belonging to P de R, almost look as if they were hobbled
together by a child whose toys were very fine antiques. This is not to say
that I believe they were "hobbled" together, because clearly they represent vast
amounts of time, specificity, and expertise; just that they exude a charming naivete.
They seem to reflect a child's perception of an imposing and fantastical space, as
opposed to an adult's, who might pompously bask in the grandeur of his
surroundings because it affirms his maturity.

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